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Is it worth it to replace my automatic transmission

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Hi all,

I just lost a couple of gears on my transmission. Reverse and overdrive are gone. I took one place for an estimate and it was super expensive. Something around 2500.00. Do you guys have a recomendation? Should I just sell as is for cheap or have it fixed?
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Sell it & buy a different Accent/Car. Or you could do a 5-speed swap if you wanted, probably about the same price or a bit cheaper.

I would probably sell it if I was you, the repair is worth more than the car =/

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Yeah..just get a newer car...for that price just to repair the transmission, you're better off getting a new car. I think for another 2500, you can get a nice tib or accent.
why would you want to put $2500 in the car and still run let it like a slow car,

for that money, you could pick up a manual transmisison from auto recycler's like greenfield and do a swap "which really isn't that hard" and install intake,header's and exhaust and Nitrous with that money

so no, it's not worth it, if you don't want to fix it, sell the car and put a downpayment on a nicer tiburon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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