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Hi all,

I saw this clutch kit for sale for my '04 Tiburon and I was wondering if this kit is indeed the genuine Hyundai OEM clutch kit.

Here is the link to the e-bay item:

eBay Motors: HYUNDAI TIBURON / ELANTRA 4CYL NEW OEM CLUTCH KIT (item 170202973951 end time Mar-25-08 14:58:02 PDT)

Before I get any flames from some of you, yes I know that the ideal way to go when replacing your clutch system is to go with a Fidanza flywheel plus a brand-name clutch kit like Centerforce. I'm also aware that cheap stuff will work for a while but most likely will need more frequent replacement.

I ask for your opinion, however, because this guy has a 100% reputation rating and I see the name "Valeo" in the clutch description which is also found at SFR's store that tells mostly OEM Hyundai stuff.

Will this kit be, in your opinions, be just as good as the OEM stuff that's inside my car right now?

I'm not currently planning to replace my clutch as so far I've had no problems with it. *knock on wood* However, when that day comes, I'd like to be well-prepared for it. =)


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