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Is this bad?

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So, I went to disconnect my battery today and noticed this not so good looking sight....

So if someone could take a guess of whats going on here, it would be appreciated.

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Your valve cover gasket looks to be leaking. It is not bad yet but will get worse. NOW for the good news. It is an easy fix. DIY get the gasket at the autoparts store or spend a few dollars at mechanic. gasket & 1 hour labor ( 1 hour labor is the min charge it will prob take the guy just a few minutes.)
I was looking on HMA and it doesn't seem like its that easy of a job... I'm probably just going to take it to hyundai and let them rape me of my money :lol:
Yea it really isn't that hard to chagne them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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