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Its not Hyundai related but incase you know anyone that might need let me know.

I Can get what i post nothing else right now.

Type R $ 4900 U.S
Gsr $ 3000 U.S
B16a1 $ 1100 U.S
B16a2 $ 2300 U.S
H22a $ 2300 U.S
4G63 Turbo Mitsu $1100 U.S (engine only)
Mazda 2.5 v6 complete swap $ 1900
300 zx tt complete 3300 U.S
Mitsu 3000 gt complete 3300 U.S

JDM with 35 000 miles.

Shipping will be between 200-300 depends where u are.

Im in Toronto Canada

<hr noshade width=60% size=1 align=left>92 Hyundai Sonata

1G Turbo Talon swap
T3/T4 turbo
38"x8"x3.5 Intercooler
20 PSI

Many more custom mods ! Check out pics and videos on my web page.

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Can you get a GSR or Type R head?

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