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K&N Apollo Universal cold air intake (inline filter CAI)

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Just saw this for the first time. I though some people (especially those looking to run air intakes to hood scoops) would be interested in seeing this inline K&N filter product. I think I am going to buy one to compare it to my current SRI and see where I can get some reasonably cold air from under the hood.

The K&N Apollo CIS (Cold Intake System) is a universal cold air intake system incorporating a washable/reusable K&N High-Flow Air Filter. The Apollo’s shell reduces heat build-up feeding only cool air to your engine, resulting in improved volumetric efficiency and increased power gains. Built with a standard 70mm intake and base flange, the Apollo is supplied with the following accessories, saddle bracket, bracket fasteners, an expandable cold air intake hose up to one meter long with a diameter of 70 mm, and die cut decals. Additional accessories include a range of stepped adaptors (from 70mm – 70mm, part #85-6002, 70mm - 60mm part #85-6003, and 70mm - 80mm part #85-6001). The main body housing/heat-shield, 70mm inlet adaptor, and 70mm base adaptor are manufactured from co-polymer (polypropylene). Apollo is ideal for normally aspired engines up to 250BHP and turbo engines up to 350BHP. It allows for updating your intake system while retaining a closed environment.

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Duude thats awsome. Cause you could so run the hose out the front bumper too. And just keep the filter all up and cozy inside. Wonder how it sounds.. probally quieter. But yeah.. hooood scoooop... :D
Originally posted by Komptek
Replace the filter with a Amsoil EAU filter.
You can't. It's not a standard pod filter in the enclosure. Besides that I wouldn't if I could. I would trust the Amsoil filters but IMO they're no better than K&N and not worth exchanging out a brand new K&N filter for.
Here's a pdf showing the Apollo filter system disassembled. You'll see that unless Amsoil specifically designed a replacement it will not fit the Apollo. It's a very proprietary design.

But as far as K&N vs Amsoil filters go Amsoil filters are superior. K&N filters are still really good, and If I just bought a K&N I'm not going to replace it with an Amsoil filter. At the particle sizes that the Amsoil filters are greatly superior at capturing compared to K&N it makes very little difference whether they get into the engine or not IMO.

All things being equal I would buy an Amsoil filter over a K&N though because they flow the same and capture more contaminants. I'm not dropping a perfectly good K&N for one though.
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