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K&N Stock Replacement Air Filters

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Is it a worth-while purchase?

What major stores in North America, and more specifically, what stores in Canada (Ontario - Toronto, GTA) carry them? Can someone help?

Thanks in advance. :nervous:
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Yes, most any major autoparts store. would make more sense to just go ahead and buy a CAI with a K&N on it and get an even better performance upgrade.
Cold air intakes cost around $100+ CND no?

I assume you'd get the CAI for the Tiburon and put it in the Elantra as well correct?

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heh, i got my intake for $16.97. Ebay baby. Just buy a new filter for it so you will be useing a K&N filter. DONT use the cheapy one that comes with it.

They are model specific, so grab an elantra one.
Some sites are saying the K&N Stock Filter only fits the I-4 2.0 GLS and GT 2002 Elantras... what about the VE? Isn't it basically the same (at least for the GLS)?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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