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KeWLKaT's 2002 Elantra GT

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if i had a elantra gt with $9000 to play with, that's what it'd look like,

Nice Grille, and oh?'s turbocharged?..sweet!!

that alpine kit just flawlessly incorporate's with the engine that I couldn't notice it much.

Superb car Man, Superb...

BTW:i noticed the leather skin is wearin away on the steering wheel, i have the same prolbem with the XG my family has,
Hyundai's steering wheel leather is so slippery and dull and feel's too pebble grained leather on it like the new azera.
Hey thanks :)

Yeah, the "cleacoat" (lol) of the leather seems to be peeling away... I will perhaps replace it with a steering wheel from a newer elantra with the nice "h" logo in it, or maybe even a tibby wheel if I can spot one for cheap.

Also, since then (the pics) I have added a nice FMIC, did the red-out tails, and removed the back 6x9s :)
amazing looks.. no IC, Priceless sleeper!
like i said, there is a IC now, though I still have the stock grill insert so it doesn't show that much :chinese::devious:
slipknot and arch enemy. nice choises. oh and SWEET car. bout time you came to HP.
Very nice :)
Glad you guys like it :D

Yeah! Arch Enemy!! :D:dead:
nice car:rambo: where 'd you get the antenna?:gasmask: 8D
g'damn dood, sweet ride. 'Tis a sexy sleeper...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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