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On October 14 night I went to Napierville Dragway. My best time was 18.2 so I go with friend just to have fun. I take off the rear seat and the spare tire. :eek:

On my first try I got a 18.0 not bad I think... Second run 17.5 I go like OMG?! AGAIN AGAIN ! lol My best time was finally [email protected] mph with a 0.064 Reaction Time. Sorry about my English but I would like to know if it's a fast time, a normal one or just a piece of crap...

I got nothing on my 1.5, 5 spd., removed what I say before. The track was not wet, not a lot of people. My tires are 3/32nd Toyo 800 Ultra 175/70R13 @ 32psi cold. The exterior temp was really cold (like about not much more than 5°C). I do a burn out before each run and for one of my friend : I TURN OFF THE LIGHTS ... :p

Thanks for answers !
- Xavier
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