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Lc / Lc2 Full race exhaust system CHEAP!!!!

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Complete exhaust system for sale for the Lc/Lc2 1.6 dohc. The header and flexpipe were $700, piping (2 1/4") + muffler was around $350 also comes with extended o2 sensor. i have never had a CEL with this system. The header is a RPW race header with 6" longer primaries for better bottom to mid range torque and jet coated for lower under hood temps. Very very deep tone and gives awesome power increase was able to chirp 3rd gear with just the exhaust and intake setup. muffler as you can see is still shiny just dirty with road grime I will buff it before i ship it out. Id like to get $450 + shipping.. Any reasonable offer will be considered. If youd like any additional information just ask.

heres a media clip of the exhaust.
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