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LC/LC2 parts for sale

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i have a few used parts in almost new condition that i no longer need.

front strut tower brace - $35 SOLD
6 month old magnecore spark plug wires 8.5mm 1.6 DOHC - $30/obo
cosmo CAI needs new filter 1.6 DOHC (manual trans ONLY) - SOLD
new in box vogtland springs never used - $130/obo SOLD

paypal or money order only ... buyer pays shipping.
[email protected]
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whats the drop on the springs?
what kind of strut car and what color are the wires? Dibs if they are blue
the wires are red, unsure of the brand or the strut bar.
I may take the wires...i'll let ya know.
Got any pics of the strut bar if noone has called dibs on it, is it for the 1.6? hit me back I would appreciate it.
yea pictures of the strut bar Please :)
intake pipe is silver with red couplers. strut bar looks exactly like the shark racing bar but without the badges, i don't have any pics right now and too dark outside to get one. all parts are for 1.6 DOHC with the manual tranny.
theres a pic of the same piece on the cosmo website, except mine has a few scratches from the install and the rad has faded to almost pink from the degreaser i used to clean the engine bay
theres the strut bar and intake and red magnecore wires.
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no idea what its made out of, couldn't find it on the website. all i saw was "quality mandrel bent piping"
boob said:
what is the cosmo cai made out of?
It's probably just aluminum.
Wires still for sale?

If you still get'em I'll take them...paypal? Also why you selling all this stuff?
i have everything, except POSSIBLY the intake and spark plug wires (can't find my old wires yet) what were you lookin for? i'm selling this stuff because i've ordered a 2007 honda civic Si sedan.
^^^^^:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ^^^^^


LOL>>>JK SI...not bad. Why not go all the way with the coupe?
theres already lots of Si coupes out here, besides, i like 4 doors better. theres only 1500 sedans for the 2007 model year in north america and i'm getting one of 3 (so far) ordered in oregon. i ordered rally red, my b*tch is gonna look exactly like this-

oh and i found my factory spark plug wires, everything still up for grabs except the intake.
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