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Lc manual swap

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so i was planning on doing the beta swap, but i think if my cars stick it would make it fast enough for me. so my question is what exactly will i need, down to the last bolt? How hard should it be? What kind of special tools if any are needed?
Thanx in advance
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i honestly don't think it would be worth it. Vamp can agree with me. I have been thinking a lot about it and by the time the swap is done and all the money spent and hard work done..... i'll still be at the same HP / TQ. Yes it will be a little faster because you are so used to the LAG and lack of power the automatic transmission can't handle. Beleive me the accent auto-tranny is just a POS (peice of sh!t). i have decided that i will be buying a 05-06 tiburon with the v6 and supercharging it and it will be a 6-speed or a 5-speed. All in all it's up to you. I just want more HP / TQ along with the manual tranny. but just to dump money on a manual swap without any real HP?TQ gains is plain silly. It actually all depends on how much the swap can be done for. IF you get it below $1,000 go for it, other than that i'd rather put $1,000 downpayment on a tib. thats just my 2 cents other's will chime in.
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my view on it is, my car has 26000 miles and i want the car for reliability. The manual tranny will give horsepower to the wheels hich is where its most important. But now that i think about it more and more and i think im going to do the beta swap with a manual.
i couldn't agree more.
Does anyone know exactly what parts ill need for this swap, and dont say its not worth it, cause i wanna manual, automatic sucks. Where can i get the strongest clutch for it?
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