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LC modified grille

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I see alot of people with the modified LC grille and I wanted to make myself one too, I have a dremel so cutting shouldn't be bad. The one that has just the verticle pieces (Like thasilval's grille)

But as for filling the holes I never used bondo or fiberglass before.

Could anyone give me some tips?
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I wuolda sold you my grill if i didnt run over it lmao

heres the old ass diy

you can use those tips to fill in the cut out pieces. filling isnt really the hard part, sanding and making it looks flawless is the hard part :ermm: when you spread the bondo try 2 keep it as even and flat as possible and you kinda gotta taper the ends so it blends in, then just sand bondo sand bondo untill its perfect. Then use sandable primer and spray a bunch of coats and then wet sand it with fine grit sand paper. Paint then clear coat
thats looks awsome, im going to trying tomorrow. thanks for the info
Thanks for the help!

I was looking for the "common grill mod" i guess
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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