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LC2 Clutch????

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So I talked to few people I know and they tell me my clutch is going bad. I have 25k miles on my 04 and this last Saturday I got in and noticed when I start in first(doesn't happen in reverse) I get a grinding noise and a vibration in the clutch foot. Since then the vibration has gottin a little worse. Also it feels like when I shift there is a little popping like something hits the clutch that I can feel with my clutch foot. This problem isn't an all the time thing, If I baby the clutch it doesn't do it really.
So if this is my clutch(I'm screwed) and I need to replace it. Money is a huge problem so for me so can anyone point me in the direction of a good quality but not so pricey clutch. Thanks
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The clutch on the accent is pretty good. Mine has lasted nearly 100,000 miles. I would check the master & slave cylinger first. Even bleeding the clutch may be the prob.

I won't go for the most expensive/hardest part first.
Could this all still be under warrenty. Can I get it checked out under warrenty. Like I said, I'm poor.
Does anyone else have a thought on this. I would like to hit the dealership with an idea. I don't want them to screw me over.
if its a worn clutch, no it is not covered under warranty. it is considered a normal wear item and is only covered for 12k miles.
does it ever stick and not want to disengage?

this is what happened to mine. turned out one of the springs fell out and jammed inbetween the clutch and pressure plate. if you feel grinding on the pedal this could be whats up.

my car actually died in gear with the clutch pedal to the floor. i had to start in gear because it was impossible to shift into 1st or reverse with the motor idling.

good luck. oh and don't let the dealer do it.... they rip you off majorly. :dead::dead::dead:
From your description I think it may be a loose/broken/missing linkage bolt. Check the cable all the way from the pedal to the tranny to ensure it's operating properly. Hopefully that's it.
Are you hard on your clutch? I had a similar problem in my LC when it had about 20k miles on it and they replaced it under warranty. Something had gone wrong with one of the springs on the pressure plate although I don't remember specifics. However like ryanolson said, the clutch is a wear item and usually they don't cover it for that long.
I do drag my car sometimes and I do run it pretty hard on the highway but it's a rare thing to grind a gear and I never force the shift.
As for sticking, never. The car drives perfectly accept for the grinding and vibration at the very start.
So don't take it to the dealer huh?
take it to the dealer and see if its something they will fix under warranty. but if they want to replace the clutch, its gonna cost you an arm and a leg. believe me...:dead:
right on, thats what i'll do then. If it's the clutch I will replace it myself. I don't see how it can be the clutch already. It has to be a part on the clutch.

Thanks for the help guys/ladies.
If it's any part besides a wear part (the clutch contact surfaces themselves) it should be a warranty repair I believe. So if the cutch has a broken part they should fix it for free.
FREE, thats what i like to hear. I love that word. It's like gold to a poor man.
don't count on it. just because it should be, they'll try to charge you.
I can be persuavive, and that doesn't work my wife is hot and can get it done.

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Post a pic of your wife Stein
anyone know where i get a high performance clutch and pressure plate and everythign i need for a clutch job for an LC2? its gotta be able to hold nearly 300 horse power....or would a beta tranny fit and get a high performance clutch for that?
stein36, let me know what happened. It seems that I have same problem and I do about 90% highway drive and not harsh on clutch so even though I have 55000miles on my car, it's basically same as city droven 10000 miles car or less. I just didn't have time to take it to the dealer as I work 7days a week but since my warranty is running out, I gotta make some time and go there and I want to see what happen with you. Thanks.
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