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LC2 pull to the left after putting new tires

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I just put my new tires on oem LC2 GT alloy rims yesterday at the dealer and since that moment my car pull to the left, slow speed just like highway speed. Also my sterring tends to turn to the left if I do not hold it...??

After the tech installed the tires he drive the car for 2-3 min for a test drive, I was not with him, so I dont know if he hit a pot hole or put the brake so hard that the left front brake jam...

How can this happen after replacing new tires ? How can I need an alignment (if this is the probleme) after only replacing tires. Or can it be my left front brake jam on ?

My tires pression is ok.

Thanks for your help !
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thats weird....if the tire pressure is fine....i have no clue....and i cant see the allignment being out after changing tires.....
That's why I always go on the test drive...because they will drive your car like ****.

Bring it back and tell them to align the wheels...maybe he knocked something outta wack.
I ran into this problem also. I took my car to get aligned and that fixed it. It was way off because the old tires were so bad the way it was aligned made the car go straight. I put new tires on it and it pulled hard to the left. So get the alignment looked at.
could be alightment problem like Jonas said...

or check the wheel rotation arrows on the tires to see if the tires are going the right way..
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