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LED Problem!

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About a year ago, I bought some white 1157 LED's for my front blinkers.

When I put them in, they look great but when I signal, they blink extremely fast, just like all those riced out hondas.

I know the official size is 2357, but I can't find any in that size, even at

Anyone have the same problem?


I'm thinking about buying some red LEDS for me rear blinkers and stop lights. I am wondering if they look any different (colorwise) than stock. I'm trying to get them more red and less orange/red that pretty much all cars are.
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The reason why they blink fast is the car is telling you that you have a broken bulb. The car cannot see the LED blinker bulbs. So you have to go to something like and buy the thing where it will slow down your blinker to normal.


It changes out your blinker box. So it will slow it down a bit.

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