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Let's get this down!!! LC2 Clear Sidemarker/Bumper Lights; SOMEONE KNOWS!

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Somebody has to know. I've seen it on a car on cardomain. He had the lights out of the package with the Korean MOBIS sticker on them and everything.

If not, someone has to get this going on! Everyone wants them! I don't want to smoke mine because my car is red and I like the taillights like they are.

Share the wealth. Let us know how its done!
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no not everybody wants them and i responded to your other post. also post a link to the cardomain site your talking about.
are you referring to me??? :)

I'm actually in process of re-doing them and writing a DIY at the same time. Maybe I'll finish it this weekend.
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Gah... I just found your CarDomain, then saw you already posted. :ermm: No points for me. When I get some extra cash I think I'll give it a try. I think I know which lenses I want, but we'll see.

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Harsh ryan! I mean a lot of people want them. And yeah, that's what I was talking about.

And kick ass that you're doing the DIY! I'll be watching for it. Thanks in advance!
for some reason i was thinking taillights. i wouldn't mind having the clear marker lights but like i said they aren't made for our cars and have to be modified to fit.
yes you're right - they need to be modified, but it's really not THAT hard.

I'll be sure and get that finished in the next few days now that people really want it. :) I've got no fear of sharing the wealth.

Just wait for Matt to do the DIY on it and it'll make life easier.

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it says a set for both sides, so does that mean 2, or 4?
you will only get 2 I would assume.
where on earth did you get that precious piece of plastic?
I just made mine. This was back before the kspec ones were around. just broke off the red and amber reflectors, cut 1/8" plexi and clear siliconed them on. Oh and painted the inside of the housing silver.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Where's my DIY?! Well, I'm not really serious but if it never got done I would be. Thanks! -Stu
Wow... english... speak it :dead:

"Well, I'm not really serious but if it never got done I would be."

So you're saying you would be done or be serious? Sorry to flame ya bud, but c'mon. I'm so tired of ppl talking such like strange things (<--- see what i mean?)

Just say what you mean and proof-read before you click the "post" button ffs.

If you really want a DIY I could do one up. No pics I'm afraid as I don't have a spare light assy to do it on.

Basically it's as simple as gingerly pulling on the assembly so it pops out of the bumper, turn the light a quarter turn to pull it off, carefully bust off the reflector. Take the housing to your plexiglass and trace around it. Cut it out with a jigsaw or dremel, paint the inside of the housing silver (or whatever colour you wanted... even could do a color match on it), glue the plexi to the housing with clear silicone around the edges and pop in clear or colored bulbs. I scuffed up the plexi so it wasnt' completely clear, kind of a foggy thing going on. Just used 600 grit in circles until it was evenly covered. I'm considering just pulling them out and getting the holes in the bumpers filled. I have a little damage on the bottom of the front bumper from hitting a HUGE pothole last summer so I could get it all done at the same time.

Again sorry to sound like an ass just grumpy as a mo-fo with how uneducated people sound sometimes. No hard feelings and nothing personal man.

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