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Hey guys.
I did go do the 1.8 cam change in my 2.0 engine.
I changed all 16 lifters with new ones.
The 1.8 cam was a new one.
The OLD cam retainers were used...
Oil pump was changed for a new one
The car got a major service as well as some porting of the intake and exhaust ports.

I have run into a problem.
My car sounds like a Diesel...
And the sound increases pace with RPm.
The car does seem to stall easier.

I dont know whats going on because i took it back to HYUNDAI
And HYUNDAI opened up the engine and changed 5 lifters that were new... saying they were too soft.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm and guess what??? THE NOISE WAS STILL THERE.
I really got a problem.
Please try help. Anything is possible.
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