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so....i see that the venerable tibby now has two (count em) TWO styles of euro at night i will admit that the elantras lights DO look like euros....but i want the REAL deal maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.......someone PLZ tell me there are some nifty little taillights comin for my four door civic jumper.... <img src=icon_smile_approve.gif border=0 align=middle>

We were just outside of bayshore, on the edge of the island when the drugs began to take hold....i remember saying something like "i feel a bit lightheaded, maybe we should go race a few civics"

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man i am toatally with you on that one!!! geez get the 99 and 2000 elantra some altezza'a!!!!!<img src=icon_smile_evil.gif border=0 align=middle>

99 elantra
fully funtional hood scoop
side air vents
interior dash and doors blue and silver
custome paint..silver to blue in shade
piaa headlight bulbs
tenzo raceing air intake
big bore throttle bodie
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