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Looking for a new radio...

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My old sony is on it way out since someone tried to steal it from my car in the driveway..

So i've been looking around at the

Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X890


or any other suggestions anyone might have

I was looking at the HD radio I liked that about the JVC since its internal but the kenwood looks like it has so many more features..

2000 Accent Hatch
My current setup is a Sony CDX-MP70
5.25 Boston Acoustics in the front doors NX series
6X9 Kenwood eXcelon in the rear speaker grills (took some work to make it fit properly)
MTX Thunder 9000 with a pioneer amp
and all the interior speakers are run with a 4 channel amp (forget what brand)

Edit: Some people said that I should look for alpine or eclipse because those radios offer the best sound, how true is that?
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Forget alpine, but remember eclipse, very decent decks.

the top shelf panasonics are good as well as the Clarions.

kenwood makes a decent deck, and like the features, but out of all of the 20 decks I have used in the past 5 years, I liked the eclipse 8443Ti the best, easiest to use, time alignment, zones, etc. Worth the money.
I've had a bunch of different systems and I think Kenwoods are a great deal. Alpine's sound good too, but I just don't care for them that much.

Go somewhere where you can listen to a CD you bring in and see what you like the sound of with your music. Go somewhere good, not like Wal Mart. Somewhere with amplifiers attached running subs and full range speakers. After all you'll be the one listening to it and if you think the Audiovox sounds best screw everyone else amd save the money (it won't though). Besides that try the amplifier outputs and fade and see how they sound. Find the deck that you like the best and try to be neutral to what brands you'll try out.
Yea I would look at Eclipse remeber though a sound wall is a good way to compare one unit to the next but a sound wall sounds much different then equipment will in your car.
Along with a new radio I was also looking at some new RCA cables to goto my 4 channel amp..

I have some cheapy walmart ones now and i'm getting some alternator whine..

I was looking at stinger and found some on ebay

do those look legit?
Okay we are getting into a grey area here.

some argue that the cheapest rca cables will work just as good as the highest priced ones, like kimber.

I have used kimber cables in my car for one season, and there was a difference, not a 400 dollar per cable difference, but a difference none the less.

If someone were to ask, which rca's should I get without breaking the bank, the hypers would NOT be it, they are probably the same as the cables you are using now.

The cheapest ones I would recommend would be stinger, and would be the helix series. Any cheaper and you are just purchasing really low end again. I use helix in my car now (the first year they came out, they are cheaper quality now, equal to the dream series) but good.

if you can stretch it, get the dream series, you will be happier, unless your power and rca connections are on the same side, then go with the bullet's instead, because the unshielded last 6 inches on the dream series can allow unwanted noise to get into the signal line from your power and ground.

Keep your power and signal runs on the opposite sides of the vehicle, use the shortest cable you can, and when you do have the rca's run over a power wire, do it at a 90 degree so there is less chance of noise entering the signal chain.

I ended up running three runs down the center of the car, and the power wires on the outside of the vehicle (dual 1/0) and have 0 noise. There are alot of other tricks to keep the quality of the signal clean, like line drivers help out more then people realize. by increasing the voltage of the rca signal to 8 volts, you increase the resistance to noise, which was the true purpose of the line drivers, not for increased SPL. And going with a balanced line out of whatever deck you get will help as well.

Hope this helped out some.
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Thanks, I have all my power run down the right side of the car and the RCA's running through the middle. I bought a ground loop isolator (it helps but it doens't sound the same) Guess that was just a cheap coverup.
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