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losing antifreeze

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My car keeps losing antifreeze and every time I refill it runs out. I refilled it and just drove for like 15 minutes and then its completely gone. what do you guys think is wrong and how can I fixed it. Thank for your help guys
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Add fluid, open the hood, then look around for fluid rushing out onto the ground. Also check your dipstick. If there are alot of bubbles in the oil, not good. Good luck finding it. I had a leak just after 10k miles from the upper rad. hose. It didnt drain out that fast. :ermm:
It only goes down when I rev the engine and I looked for a leak, but I couldnt see it. I checked the oil, but didnt see any bubbles. I going to continue looking for the leak. Thanks for the help bud
Mine didn't leak until it started to cool down. Really weird. Smell around the bay for something close to burnt wiring or look for white areas where coolant has evaporated off of something hot. If its that upper line like elantras seem to blow alot you wont see any coolant on the ground. Itll burn off the hose right below it and that hose will turn a whitish color.
Is your oil clear or all milky? If its milky its a bad head gasket.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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