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Lots of Car audio and 1 nitrous bottle with hose

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Have to make some room and finally got into my basement (workshop) and started to clean it up. Had camera, figured hmmm, might as well put this stuff up. Also, new gear is coming in, so getting rid of the temp system I put in the accent while waiting for my gear to get to me. it came in, old stuff out, new stuff in. My loss, your gain. Stuff used will be marked USED, stuff that is new will be marked, well, NEW. pics are large, sorry

Planet audio 100.2 and 150.2 . This is enough of a set that you will need nothing else. they hit their ratings and do it cleanly. the 100.2 is 50x2 @ 4 ohms, 100 x 2 @ 2 ohms and 200 x 1 @ 4 ohms bridged. perfect for the front two speakers. the 150.2 is 75 x 2 @ 4 ohms, 150 x 2 @ 2 ohms, and 300 x 1 @ 4 ohms bridged. Perfect for a single 10 - 12 - 15 and it does get louder then you would think.
*edit* also will include the wires from my distro block to the amp, clean terminations and all, so it makes it easier to wire into your system. *end edit*
These are used only by me and never abused, I have the box for the 100.2 and will probably find the box for the 150.2. Asking 120 shipped for the pair of amplifiers. They have never had a problem and I bought them new personally.

Next up:

Crystal mobile sound CSm510 drivers ONLY. These are for the midwoofer ONLY. they are brand new, figure around 50 shipped for the pair.

then we have:

JL Audio VR series 5.25" woofers only model # is VR525-cs. bought new, used for 2 months, then put in basement. 30 shipped (USED)

Audiocontrol EPIC 160. Built in SPL meter and Volt meter, and the epicenter. maximize your bass lol. Works perfectly, bought new by me, used for a year until I got out of my vinyl kick. asking 100 shipped but make an offer. only .2 db off of the termpro when it was in the car (mounted under the glove box)


This is a Crystal mobilesound ProSe12" subwoofer. works fine, includes box that is sealed but not that bad. Dual 6 ohm VC and sounds Great, not an SPL sub, good for SQ. there is more to this sub but will tell you only if interested. meant to be used for 3 seconds, great woofer. without box 30 shipped, with box 30 + shipping. this item is USED but was bought new by me.

next up:
This is a rockford Fosgage RFX9020 budget cd player, yes, it's on the left of my steering wheel. has not been used for a year, but powered right up and works fine. Has front/rear/sub out with subwoofer control. does not play mp3 but a great started deck for someone who wants subs, let's you control them easily. asking 35 dollars shipped, but hey, it's a rockford deck, make an offer

last but not least:
Awww, an ugly nos tank with 20 feet of hose. this is a 10 lb bottle with a valve that does close, pressure tested) and I took as a trade with the fuel and nos selenoids. keeping the noids, you only get the bottle and hose. heck, run it straight in for all I car lol, that would be a run you would not forget. you will need the parts to hook this up. asking 50 shipped, shipping is not cheap

If anyone is in the chicago area and wants any of this stuff, willing to meet up to save shipping, take 5 dollars off. otherwise, hit me up at [email protected]

have a great day! there is around 40+ more items coming soon

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also, had to throw this in when my Din Clarion unit failed on me, this is a eqx750, 7 band eq with two audio inputs and three audio outs. Works fine. board was replaced this year with a new board purchased from Clarion. It's only a 1/2 din so you will need to fab something in. looking for another 30 dollars shipped

excuse the mess in the car, i just noticed it. We have been working on the car for some time now and have to clean it out. i am usually really picky, but the entire interior is coming out this coming up weekend (again) for new wire runs (again) so I have let it go.

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Would ya think that the smaller amp would work well for amping all four speakers? I have Infinity refrence all around, 100wat rms, only just touching 60.

any BIG amps? i have two infinity 10's that are suffing with just 520 watts. im looking for 500 to each.

Well, Since I am trying to sell them together, put the 300 watt amp on the front for 75 x 2 and the small on the rears for 50 x 2 and you have a good system.

yes, I have bigger amps, but none up for sale at the moment. The ones I do have are not inexpensive. For your subs I would look at profile if you are on a budget and pg if not, like a Xenon series amplifier from Phoenix gold.

the big amps I have lying around are mostly PG ms2250, ms1000, mps2500 and a m100. also some concept amplifiers, etc. Looking for another RFL if someone wants to trade for all lol.

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yeah.. buget is what im on..:dead: i think im going to be satisfied with how the steroe is for awhile now.;):
Well, make an offer at least lol, all offers will be considered, and trades of stuff is fine as well.
Planet audio 150.2 and Epic 160 pending payment

rockford cd player pending soon
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