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m3 fender tape vs. wd40

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ok i used zip ties to hold my mesh grill on my backing.... now i think that using 3m tape would look better.... but if i had to take it off would wd-40 remove the tape?????... i know you can use it to take badges off the car but will it work on 3m tape......:ermm:

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If you look at the back of a brand-new Hyundai badge, it has 3M adhesive on yes, it will.
3m tape? no. If you put the zip ties in the right place you should not be able to see the zip ties at all. If you cut the grill right also and wrapped it around the black grill a bit, you should not see any zip ties, period.

Use black zip ties or some silver nail polish.

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fixed the zip tied but now it looks like an aftermarket look...... and used door molding to outline the mesh........ big difference
yea my dad told me about the door molding trick, no more cut up fingers for me everytime i need to pop the hood:lol:
yep... that was one of those things they should add in the DIYs........
Whats this door-molding trick you're talking about?

ok when you cut the mesh so you can get to the hood release.... you put door trim on it so you dont cut your fingers up on the metal (where the red is) cut to fit...... i know i know it's a masterpiece... j/p:rambo:

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Y'know that crap that people put that's a chrome strip down the vertical part of the door? You always see it on black cavaliers up here. It's just a chrome plastic strip that you cut to size and it has adhesive on the back. I was thinking about doing that on my mesh grill but I didn't think it would look right. Post pics so I can see maybe I'll change my mind.
i just used black...............
same here
I need to get ahold of some of that stuff and try it...I'll add it to the DIY when I do it.
btw i covered the whole top of the grill with the door molding not just where the latch is
i'm taking pics tomorrow........... i'll post one tomorrow night
i left my grill alone at the top, never cut it.. and was able to get to the release w/ any problems.
i cut mine and used wire loom over it, it looks good across the whole top of the grill, all pro look
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