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Mafterburner and Injectors FS

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I have an NGM tuned Mafterburner and six 290cc injectors for sale. Both are brand new and have never been used. Would like $300 for the Mafterburner and $225 for the injectors. Offers are welcome. Thank you.
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never heard of a mafterburner you mind explaining what it is?
Yes, sorry, I purchased the Mafterburner from Next Gen Motorsports for a V6 Tib. It contains a preprogrammed fuel map for an Alpine supercharger setup tuned at 8lbs of boost. I originally bought it to do Stage 2 on my Tiburon but I will be selling my car soon and have no need for it anymore. Just trying to make a little of my money back, but as I said all offers are welcome. Thanks.
The Mafterburner is sold, but the injectors are still available. Thanks.
Still have injectors? Fit LC2?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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