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I am the happy owner of a 2010 Accent GLS which has universal interior modifications, a full sized spare tire, and other things I’ve added in the 6 years I’ve had it. I bought the car at Henderson Hyundai just outside of Las Vegas, and drove it to Charlotte, NC in only 2 days by myself. She started with 19,700 miles, and now has 84,600. In the time I’ve had this car, especially in the past year, the secondary warranty expired, and it’s proven to be very simple to work with.
By the time it reaches the mileage I have, you’ll be needed to have done the following
•Both Upstream and Downstream O2 Sensors
•Switch to High Mileage Oil, preferably Full Synthetic.
•Crankshaft Position Sensor
•Ignition Coils
•Ignition Coil Wiring Harness
•Spark Plugs(Regap down to .032 in my case)
•Cleaning of the Throttel Body
•Check/Clean the MAP Sensor
Corresponding problems
•O2 Sensor. Rough Idle without misfire
•Oil. Pinging/Slapping sound
•Crankshaft Position Sensor. Engine shuts itself off without warning at idle or low rpm. Sometimes resulting in loss of tacometer reading while Engine is running.
•Ignition Coils. Rough Idle with Engine Light, Misfiring of one or more cylinders. Code P0301 or P0300
•Ignition Coil Wiring. Misfiring of one or more cylinders. Same codes as above.
•Spark Plugs. Rough Idle under normal conditions, or misfire. Regap down to no less than .032 if you chose to regap.
•Throttle Body. If Dirty, it will cause your engine RPM to spike to 2,000 on a cold morning start.
•MAP Sensor. Engine Light and Rough Idle almost identical to Spark Plugs.
I’m not a mechanic. I’m someone who makes a point to learn all pieces of equipment I own including cars, so it can be maintained and repairs by my own hands.
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