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Manual Elantra not wanting to move

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Hey my roomate has a 2000 elantra gls and we encountered a problem tonight. Coming up to a stop he tried to break the front tires free by mashing the throttle in 1st. Yes We both know it was dumb so lets get that out of the way.

Now though there is an issue, The car doesnt want to move. You can rev it like you your going to get rolling but it just makes a loud grinding noise and you dont move, but the speedometer increases speed.

Any feedback would be appreciated, just please dont tell us how dumb it was we both realize that, we just want to get the car running.

Thanks in advance
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may be the shift fork or linkage, sounds like the clutch isnt disengaging
^^^ that or...

Time to find a new tranny weee!!

Um, best guess, that you blew your differentail out. If the speedo still moves, your tranny is moving, but your alxes arnt.. maybe? Maybe your axles came out? CV joints poof gone? Most likely however is you snapped somethin inside and yeah.. its not going to move soon.:dead:

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If the speedo is moving, then the differential must be as well, granted that the speedo gear drives off the diff like most do. Did the teeth shear off of one of the drive axle cv joints, like maybe the inner one? Did you put the car up and run it in gear to see if anything is obviusly out of whack?
Thanks for the replies, were gonna go out and put it up and see what we get this afternoon.
Let us know what you find. Im leaning toward a drive axle issue but I wont lay any $$$ on it.
OK it will spin the wheels a little when it is up in the air but it grinds, now with the wheels off it will now make noise from the axle area but on the inside there is a loud rumble/ grind echoing through the chasis. Were personally thinking it is a transmission issue.
Pull the axle and see. Its not that hard as long as you have the arse to break that axle nut loose. ;):
Spider gears on the differential? So the diff would still spin but the axles would just drag somewhat, and the speed would still work. Ahhh the mystery.
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