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manual transmission problem

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My 1995 manual transmission is in seriously bad shape. The only opportunity I get to change gears is when the car is off. While the car is running the shifter is locked and will not move. A few days ago I could say this was intermitent. Now it happens every time I turn on the car.

I took it to a Hyundai dealer (while I was able to shift gears) and they could only say that it was an internal transmission problem. They suggested I simply get a new transmission as it would cost less then searching for the problem.

In short, my question is...What are my options for replacement transmissions. Will a 99 SOHC transmission bolt up? What about a DOHC or a tibby tranny?
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All SHOULD bolt up, but your best bet is the 99 SOHC accent tranny. Or the DOHC accnt tranny. The tib's gearing is all wrong for an accent,

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