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Many Fold Question

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Within the next 6 months I want to get a new deck and speakers for my car. I just want quality speakers without a sub or amplifier for the time being. I really like the look of Alpine decks. Two questions:

-What brand/kind of speakers should I get?
-Has anyone used or heard of Dynamat ( sound padding so that the car doesn't rattle or make noise when the music is playing or at least another comparible quality product?


Anyone in the GTA know where a really quality place is to get my windows tinted?

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I went with a Panasonic deck myself. It's all about your personal preference. Get whatever you want or like. And yes dynamat works good. Your car doesn't really need it if your not putting a sub and amp in right yet. Just get your deck put in and it'll make a world of a difference.
Sorry. I'm not in the GTA. A couple hours southwest in Sarnia. There are a bunch of really good places here. Kinda far to drive for tint though. Haha.
Yeah lol. Well even with my stock deck and speakers I do get ratle around volume level 19/20 and higher so I'd prefer to reduce that sound if possible. This is why I wanted to get the dynamat.
Then do it. It'll help with rattle for sure. But what kind of rattle are we talking here?
Just in the door, right where the speaker itself is. It's not an emense rattle but it does vibrate often when the music is up.
I guess if you really wanted to you could take your panels off and line them with dynamat. It seems like alot of work though. Mine kinda rattles, but it's usually just all the cd's and crap that i keep in the doors.
They sell that dynamat stuff everywhere. I'm sure you probably have a buddy that works at future shop or something. Get him to hook you up with a discount.
Good Luck and let me know how it turns out. I'm kinda interested in doing this to my car as well.
This weekend/next week I am going to be going around looking at decks and speakers and such. I will get more information from a few of the shops and make my decision then. I will keep you posted.
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