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Good day!
First off, I am a hopeful ioniq 5 owner.
I put a deposit on an ultimate at a dealer in British Columbia, Canada and have been told it will be at least a year and a half before they process my order.
I have a $500 deposit paid but I am only on a wait list for ordering the car.

Now, my question.... I have been hearing things from other car dealerships and on the internet about dealers asking for a market adjustment often WELL above and over the MSRP of the vehicle. Now that getting a car requires waiting in line for months, dealers feel that charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars over MSRP is perfectly fine.

I am wondering... how many of you new ioniq 5 owners had to pay such a markup, and was your car ordered?
Will I be faced with such a markup once it is time to finalize (or start?) my order???

Is this this practice the same in the U.S. as in Canada?

Thanks for feedback!

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