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Metal humming in Reverse

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So when I'm moving really slow, like backing the last few inches into a parking spot, I get a strong, loud, metallic humming, like high speed rubbing, that vibrates the whole car strongly and makes me cringe. Any ideas?

I don't notice the brakes having any effect on whether or not this happens. It seems to happen most when letting the clutch out slow, and starting to give the vehicle more gas, BUT has sometimes happened even before I let the clutch out after I put it in gear.

I think I noticed this one or twice in 1st, but it happens maybe 60% of the time I put it in reverse.
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Have someone outside the car to listen as you go forwards and backwards a bit and locate the source a little better. Just from what you said it could be a rock in the brake dust shield though, or even inside your drums.
well, it's been getting worse for about 6 weeks now. so i don't think it was from offroading
tried having someone listen but only got it to hum for a sec so they never pinpointed it. will try again in AM when everything is cold.
ok, so I can duplicate the sound at will.

in reverse,
slowly letting the clutch out,
after it starts to move the car but while the clutch is still slipping enough that it doesn't have enough power to push the car

had my brother stick his head under the hood and listen.
he knows less than me about cars and says: "it's coming from there" and points in the dark to the transmission.

Damn it. I don't want to spend tomorrow figuring out what needs fixed.

But then again, if it's just the clutch that needs replaced, I'm surprised it lasted this long. I've never had a clutch last almost 70k. Maybe I'm blessed that it's a gutless wonder.
I think the TOB is going out, atleast you already needed a new clutch.
dunno, still havn't torn it open. I'll let you know when i finally fix it
if the bearing is giving slack, and take up the clearance inside the transaxle. the first gear is beside it
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