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This amp is in perfect working condition as well as the condition of the Amplifier.It was used for only a month and have no use for it anymore.I already sold most of my other Stuff including the ZAPCO AG1000 amp.
I also have accessories for sale like Fuse Holder,Solinoid and competition RCA Wires
I also have JL Audio 8 inch W1 subs for sale.
The Zapco AG650 retails for over $800US BRAND NEW!!!
I paid the amp $1200 Can which is around $760US.
Make me an offer and email me back at [email protected] Thanks Rob!!!!

Here are the Specs:
6 x 50watts @ 4 ohms 6 x 104watts @ 2 ohms 4 x 90watts @ 2 ohms 2 x 175watts @ 1 ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz S/N Ratio: 95dB Transient Distortion: .01% Dimensions: 32.4L x 7.5W x 1.95H Designed and Built in the USA

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