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I found this on the web...
it would be great if we can have these parts available..hopefully they will export it....<img src=/images/forums/snitz/smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

MSM R&D Tuscani Turbo Specifications Tel:02-581-6440 ?

Engine : G4GF
Displacement : 2000cc
Turbine : KKK K26
Comp.Ratio : 9

Max Power : 293 hp/ 6000 rpm
Max Torque : 42 kg/ 4500 rpm

Logic : SAM 2000
Boost : 1bar Fixed ( external valve waste-gate type)

Engine Parts
miro Forged pistion
miro Forged Con-nod
miro Camshaft
miro EX. manifold(hand made)
miro GT intercooler
miro 550cc injecter
miro High flow-rateoil pump
miro Big bore throttle body

Ultra Cable
NGK racing plug(#9)
aFe carbon air filter

HKS twin clutch plate

twin position front brake system
miro Hole disk rear brake rotor

KCO 63.5mm twin muffler

Wheel & Tire size
F/R = 18" 7.5j ET40 5h (?)
F/R = 225/40/18(?)

SMA adjustable shock absorber(12F)
Spring F= dual 9 kg/mm
R= dual 6 kg/mm
Shock Compression force adjust type
F=40-160 ~ 100-300(0.3mm/s)
R=40-120 ~ 40-180(0.3mm/s)

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You sure it was a G4GF? From the pictures I've seen its MAP-based, not MAF, and that would make it the G4GD with the solid lifters.

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Dang sounds nice <img src=/images/forums/snitz/smile.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

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When I first read that I was like SWEET Tuscani = 2.7L V6!!! Thats all the power I really truly need too (293hp probally at the wheels). I was about to say SIGN ME UP!!!

Then I read this.

Displacement : 2000cc

Dope. Oh well someday.

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FYI, the total mod cost you more than what GT model in Korea cost ya ^^* and then on my second thought it is pretty common in the tuning area isn't it.. I just got into tuning area so dunno much about a thing -_- feed me up! ^^

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To tell you the truth Rob, I have no idea.... I just copied what some guy posted on a forum.....

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