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Figured this might be a usefull mod to do in my spare time, didn't take long and it worked. I had my doupts at first and then did it and noticed a nice difference.
You might have noticed that the 9005 bulbs for your driving lights and high beams are a higher wattage bulb then the low beam headlight 9006 bulb.
Well,,, some people have been modding 9005 bulbs to fit in the 9006 socket to get some brighter headlights.
Just did it and it worked, comparing the two showed a rather obvious difference.
To do the mod you probably will need a dremil tool.

Look in the socket of the 9005 bulb, you will see 2 grooves, this prevents you from sticking a 9005 bulb in a 9006 socket, so what you need to do is remove those 2 grooves/bumps.
Next you will need to shave off a tiny piece off the 3 parts that help you screw it into the socket in the lamp. one of them you will notice is slightly smaller then the other 2, shave off only the parts that you will find from the right of the center part, best way to understand what i am refering to is to compare a 9005 and a 9006 bulb to see what i mean about this little protruding piece.
Next, get some electrical tape, and cut some small long strips out of it, you need about half a foot to 3 1/4 of a foot and wrap it around the little rubber gasket you see at the base of the bulb between socket and bulb, so these strips need to be about half a cm wide btw. You need to make a small makeshift gasket here because the 9005 bulb has a thinner gasket area and if you don't do this the bulb will be loose in the socket.
Then hook it up.
Compare a 9006 to the 9005, And I recomend getting out the welding glasses.
OK, I was just kidding about the welding glasses, it's not going to be 10 times brighter but there is a difference, about 15% more light I'd say but its noticable.

Note, one thing i did was I had some plug and play upgrade harness lying around and I used them as added security since these bulbs are slightly higher wattage. It looked like the 9005 socket had thicker wire then the 9006 factory in any case, depends on your car model yr n such i guess.

I have a 99 Tiburon with projectors so the increase in light is focused on the road. If you dont have projectors then test it first and make sure your lights are properly aligned, there is nothing worst driving at night and some prick with super bright lights aimed right in you damn eyes!

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