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hey hey all! i should be putting in a Elantra 1800 into my Accent 150RSI 99 but i was just wondering what mods i can do and there impact on the Car?

(in south africa we use Killerwatts(Kw) but you guys use Hp, is there a Math conversion for me?)

CAI- what does it to do your feul consumpion, how many killerwats do you gain?
Overbored Throllebody? I heard you Loose Kw's but gain Response? True or False? if killerwatts is gained how much?

( I know a gain geuss is tough but a rough estimate is always nice!)

What is the Best Degree Cut Cam For the 1800 motor?

i have a 1.5 SOHC, with Branch(4-2-1) Freeflow K&N Filter i went from 46Kw Stock to 52Kw is that good or does that Suck?
Realisticly a Gewd Camshaft should give you how many Killer watts? 10-15?

anyway please help me out? i just had to replace my whole cluch!
who has the Fastest time Quatermile For a Pure Hyundai non turbo?

Andy Ross's car does 16 is that gewd?<img src=/images/forums/snitz/cry.gif width=16 height=16 border=0>
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