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hey fellas, i have a 2003, 4cyl tiburon, and im going to beef her up
here is what im hoping to do

install a big bore throttle body,
and a short ram air intake

thats it for now

what im asking is what is the best diameter size to go with for the big bore throttle body, 52.5mm, or up to 65mm?

and second, what ram intake is the best for me, AEM, INJEN, or anything, im not looking to spend a hell of alot of $$ but something with roar and gritt.
also could i use a 6 cyl ram intake instead, with no mods, just rip apart and bolt on, is it all good.

if you have any pointers or tips regarding this PLEASE HIT ME UP... MUCH APPRECIATED, any input is killer

and tear it up
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I would get an AEM CAI instead of a short ram, AEM sells they’re CAI with the new dryflow filter, it's much better than the oil type filter.

For the BBTB the bigger the better! I think the OEM one can be bored up to 62mm or you can get an aftermarket one from Kspec
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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