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Molding "shaving"

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Since i have repair work to the paint in the front left bumper and the left rear bumper of my Xccent i have decided i am ready to go ahead and shave all four of my side "running lights" and maybe go another step forward and mold those seams where the fiberglass meets the metal since they are relatively short. Now i have friends who have done their own body work IE. kits and all but i wanted to hear from you guys first the answers to these questions. One -what would be best to place behind the holes left from the removal of the lights (they are kinda small) , what do i need (and brand)do you like-body filler, fiberglass?? And finally an idea of what different grits of sandpaper. Like i said this will be a first for me so take it easy on your directions-dummy them down lol. If this turns out to be as simple as i think i may go ahead and gut that lower area of my bumper so i can make another larger grill to match the DIY grill i did a few months ago. Man now that im looking at the seams and curves of my Xccent i think im falling in love all over's so basic but sporty...simple and clean.. oh i just love the front of my xccent. But oh my god the rear sucks. Looks like it has a big ass stuck way up in the air. I'm gonna have to add a lip or get my car liposuction in the back. Thank you for the time and reply.:smoking:
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Weeeeeelll. I just started on it anyway. Should be done with the rear tomorrow. I'm talking to myself lol.
well, good luck? :D

be sure to post progress pics and finished product pics
you should do some cutting on the front bumper too.....get rid of the stupid lines and cut it open and fibre glass it......and if you dont already have fog's....cut the holes open and do that at the same would look sick man:smoking:
Yeah...good luck not getting pulled over for having no side reflectors (e.g. the running lights). They're required.
Not here. Why would they be?
well, imagine you're turning onto a main road from a residential road, traffic is coming at you and they can't really see your headlights at the angle you might be facing, since you have no side reflectors, they may not know you're there and you might get a little anxious and take off into the road and they wouldn't know you were there until the last minute...

side reflectors offer an oncoming driver an early warning as minimal as it may be.. This is why they're required
it's a good thing the tail lights and the cornering laps wrap around the side of the car then, isn't it?

note that you can still see the refletive plastic in the tails and corners, from the side.
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after this project, check vamps DIY on clear corners. after almost a year, i've had no probs with not having any reflectors on the front of my car, none with cops or anything. oregon doesn't care about illegal mods anyway, they only care if you drive stupid. i had a 1997 isuzu rodeo, all clear lenses up front (signal lights, and park lamps) with blue/super white bulbs in all lights, never had a problem.
Yeah i did the diy clearouts months ago. The side markers are not required. Most cars and trucks don't even have them.:ermm:
I don't know how to post pics but i'm taking some when i get ready to upload i'll get with one of you senior fellows and post some. It is slow going though as i only have time for about 20 minutes a day on the project but it sure is fun. I remember someone saying the lips on the xb and side skirts fit the accent....anyone know how that went or did anyone try anything else???
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