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more questoins stumbeled upon, modding?

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*Remember I have a 97 Sonata 3.0L V6 A/T*

So...well I have been getting some help on performance parts for my car not a lot but some. I wish I had more though (HINT HINT!) When adding like lets say a different exhaust system, turbo/super charger, or lest use CAI for the easiets example. Do you have to mod the computer at all. The reason why I ask is because the computer is set certain ways and when it realizes something is different it is going to try and componsate sometimes or it just won't let the car run. Or like lets say if I did get nitro and and added a different steering wheel with the nitro butttons on it but no airbag, the computer would relized that it is disconneted there for sending off the airbag warning light. So does the computer need to be moddifed, if so where would I go?
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