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yeah just getting arround to posting pics of my 01 GL lol

i dont have a space to host the pics, so youll have to go to my profile to see them

mods (christ i hope i can remember them all)

-decal removal
-custom clears
-Euro Offroad blue bulbs (not legal:devious:)
-hood scoup
-pin striping
-window tinting
-window shades (rain gards)
-euro entena

-ebach springs
-ebach coilovers
-frount and rear spacers (so i can have my nice 17's)
-Weapon R 17'' One peice chrome rims(yes 17's can fit people lol 8D )
-Low pro tires (forget the brand, recently switched back will have to look and repost)
-slotted and cross drilled roters
-red calipers
-Kevlar breakpads
-frount and rear Strut bars

-cosmo racing WAI (yes it fit with VERY LITTLE moding)
-Red A1C hosing
-Red grounding kit
-AEM filter
-4-1 headers
-2'1/4 inch catback exaust
-reactive muffler (f the fireballs errrg, no seriously if i get a bodykit im switching)
-Platinum Spark Plugs

-Custom Red interior
-6 12'' neons 2 4'' neons (night pics comming)
-Red dome light
-NX seat covers
-Hyundai seat belts
-GPS naviagation

-JL Audio 500/1 2 Channel AB Amplifier (speaker amp)
-JL Audio 1000/1 Channel D Amplifer (sub amp)
-2 12'' Kicker subs w/box
-Pionner Head unit 50x4 (forget the model #)

this list is as much for me as you guys...i need to type all that out :)

night time pics of the lights and neons coming soon, but remember my camera SUCKS!
i think it looks pritty good for no body kit. I really want one and a turbo my last 2 things to get (along wih MAYBE getting Bags and rolling my fenders) but each of those things are REALLY expensive and all my money goes to college right now...o well i much as we like our accents, i dont know if im droping in 6000 just to get 180HP and a body kit. I would rather save the money for, lets face it, something a lot faster.... more to come (hopefully)

-a bath lol

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nice ride, well done.
how much more power have you achieved with the engine mods, exhaust, intake etc?

i also like the red engine styling. i have done something similar with my accent, using blue however.

nice rims too. and good idea on saving the money, a turbo would be great, but is it worth spending that much cash on an economy car that you will never get back when you sell, i think not. wait until you have a car that is desgined for performance.

in saying that however, i still love hyundai's and would love to have a turbo tiburon v6.


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