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I can't believe i got them to fit after i had to cut quite of bit of the foglight area.

Before 2.5 x 3 inch:

After 4.5 x 4.5:

I love the way they came out. I hade to cut most of the stock foglight backing out. Looks amazing :grin:

Here's just a teaser picture:


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Sweet. I like em a lot. The problem I have is my GS model LC2 didn't come with fogs. In most cars it's just a piece that is separate and held on with clips. In the LC2 bumper it's all one piece and has to be cut to put a fog light in.

I've been playing with the idea of putting in some aftermarket 3's but I really don't care for the blue lensed ones you see most commony. I'm cheap so I didn't bother talking to my dealer about an OEM version (I heard they're $300 or so)

So my question is where'd you get those big boys and how much?
I got them at Part Source. I think I paid about $60 for both. Great deal! I just used the same wiring from the old foglights that i had on. Ya, the blue lens fogs don't look to great, that's why I changed it in the first place. When i installed these, I had to cut quite of bit of the foglight area. These fogs work geat, especially these past couple of days with all the t-storms and fog in TO.
Sweet! Really Part Source for $60... i'm there. Or was this some behind the counter deal you hooked up.
I believe it was like 64. 49 with taxes. dont have my reciept with me. No behind the counter deals for me :(. You buy them individually. $27 each. It's a rubber housing and i had to cut off the brackets and make my own. If you're up to all that work go ahead and buy:p...

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Looks good, What did you use to make brackets? I installed 3" lights on mine, but i'm not really satisfied with the brackets I made.
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