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MOVED: Any Elantra Owners In Northern Calif?

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Hi everyone I'm Kat, live in Modesto and I run the Norcal Hyundais club...I am trying to expand our club with more of the other Hyundai models. The majority of our club are Tibs & Accents with a few Sonatas, Elantras and 1 Sante Fe. I would like to see more of the latter as well as other hyundai models.

We don't have any membership fees, no restrictions and your cars do NOT have to have mods to join us! Our members come from all over Northern & Central Cali, range in age from 16 to 60, male & female. We are just a bunch of Hyundai owners that like to get together for BBQs, Mod Days, mini meets, dinner/lunch, birthdays and other events. We sometimes have raffles and every year our club attends a Toys4Tots run in Hayward. We also try to have centralized Norcal/Socal meets once a year. We are family orientated...and friends & family are always welcome to our meets!

If you would like to be a part of Norcal Hyundais or want more information, send me an email to [email protected]

Thanks and hope you decide to join us!

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I posted this is the different Model forums for a reason......besides, Rob gave me the ok before I posted!
but come one.. all this in each section????? Its the same post.. you just copied and pasted. You couldve just posted it ONCE in the Northwest section... duur...
Yeah I could of...... but as I explained to Rob not everybody looks at that forum, he saw my reasoning and said it was ok. Geeze is it really that big of a deal?

Besides after a few days/weeks it will disappear into nowhere anyway:bored:

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Well so far my posts have paid off....we now have two new Norcal members :) Alex from Merced with a 97 Elantra Wagon and Scott from Ceres with a 99 RD Tiburon! Thanks guys!
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