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MOVED: Motor Swap Complete!

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Hey everyone I just sepnt $1250 on a fyull motor swap. Also added some upgraded stuff. I think thats a pretty good deal since I got the motor from a Tiburon GT. Man I'm lovin this car because I got this thing for free! and now..I can spend 5 g's on it and still be in the postive. I love this whole situation. I'll give you all some updates on the car when I do them.
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i think he did a beta swap....
Yeah he's been asking a lot of q's about the beta. I doubt it's the V6. I'm sure if it was possible someone would have done it by now. Wait... wasn't it like 3 days ago you were asking where to get a Beta and now you say it's complete? That's some efficient work man... I hope you aren't yanking our chains.

But yeah dude, throw us some pics of the install.

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Sweetness, lets see some video and pics.
yeah my Grandpa, dad, and Brother are all mechanics and they had nothing to do all week so we all decided to start working on the swap. I found it at a nearby Junk yard in a Town called Rancho Cordova CA, I suggest you guys take a trip over here because they have another 3 sitting here. So if you ar enearby email me, I'll give you directions! It's near Sacramento California. But here is my motor.
I took it just before I went to work. I'll get some more pics soon, but no all I have to do is order my Turbo. YES! oh yeah and abotu the Tib GT thing sorry about that it wasn't a GT :ermm: I have the intake and stuff ready to be put on so I'll get those pics out ASAP!
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So are you saying you spent 1250 for the motor and parts? Or did you just get charged by your family?
well my dad barely has the shop running right now, so I decided to help him out with getting his shop running again. I did spend 550 on the motor because california is lame in that way. But yeah I pretty much helped my family out.
Good ol - Hey, hit me up if you ever go to Sacramento Raceway. I'd like to see your car in action...
1stickGS I went there this Wed. I did a 13.9 1/4 mile..bleck...oh well I can do better once all of my short-shift, flyweel, and trubocharger acceccories are done. Oh yeah, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a rear differentail chip. I heard Dynan wasn't making them for imports, but my neighbor said he put a RDC in his Acura from a BMW M3. I was wondering if that was possible for the 2001 hyundai accent?
13.9 with a stock beta motor in a 4 door LC? u must be a hell of a driver !!! what do you mean by rear differential chip exactly? i wasnt aware of the fact that accents had rear differentials.... unless you wanted one in the tranny of your fwd car... if thats the case, then you want phantom grip lsd components...
13.9???? and you say bleck???? wtf did you turbo the beta as well???

the only way you got a 13.9 is if they gave you the wrong slip or the timer is messed up.
I thought stock betas in the lc would put you in the mid 15's or so
Yeah 13.9 now way, maybe hes looking at the wrong side of slip? Dunno... My friend with the beta swap has I/H/E and a standalone microtech tuned ran a 14.6. That was with the car COMPLETELY gutted (nothing but driver seat).
these claims are outrageous, unless you are using nitrous. Ben did a 14. something second run with nitrous, so it could be possible to get a 13.9 second. Let us know some more details as we all see that a bit sketchy. thank you
yeah you guys are right lol it was 17.9 I just looked at it. but these accents ar eso small, it just appears to be going faster than you really are lol. Also I wanted to see what you guys would say at the 13.9 ha ha! anyways it was 17.9 and thats barebone stock
I think you should be able to beat 17.9 especially with a few mods and weight reduction =-)
That thing stock could do better than 17.9. I got better times in mine running the a/c (did that once just to see)
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