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Mussa or ArK?

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I Have Narrowed down my search to which exhaust system i want. its between Mussa and Ark Dual systems

Anyone have experience with either? any recommendations?
BOth look go quailty . i dont know if they sound the same though... like anyone else i want a deep throaty sound even when idle. :devious:
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I have the ark exhaust. Its deep. I also added DC sports racing headers and now its really deep and really loud.:eek:
A good loud? or too loud?
i have the ark n2 dual and dc headers. the ark isn't so loud that you need the silencers (included) but its loud enough to get noticed. i wrote one of the reviews on ark about it not sounding like a rinky dink tinny exhaust. those reviews you see on there are real. i love it. i get compliments on it all the time when i drop it into fourth at 65mph and accelerate hard. the best is when you first start your car....mmmmmm. it was real easy to bolt on too. took my only 1 hour with just two wrenches. looks great too. the sound is directional. really loud straight back, but moderate in other directions.
Sounds good ... thanks Now i just need alot more money then i have to get it. HAHA looks like i should start saving now..

Ps just a fun thing that happen tonight. i was on the express way and these kids in a probe ( looked like the first kind of probe made) tryed to race me. we both were rolling at 65 then punched it into 4th .. we went till about about 100mph. i could clearly hear the a turbo spool in his car. we would be even up till 85mph then i would pull ahead after that at a constant rate. i was proud of my tibby :duh: he also had 4 people in his car and one looked like he was 250 pounds. lol and all i had was my 100 pound girlfriend and me. he followed me to the beach and showed me his turbo. got compliments on the tibby too . 8D
ive had that happen alot with camaros and mustangs. i don't socialize with people with celicas and eclipses. at least in my area they have sticks up their butts
I agree with payback. It's not annoyingly loud, but loud. Except in neighborhoods. It can echo between houses pretty good. I love it though. When you drop the hammer, everyone knows.
Definately go with the ARK. I have the dual on my tib and I could not be happier.
ARC or ARK? ARC is a Japanese company that makes high quailty parts. Their specialty is induction and exhaust piping, but they also make other parts. I've never heard of ARK. Is this a new company ripping off ARC's reputation?
No way man ARK has been around for a while. They have a lot more than piping as well. Go check it out.
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