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My 2001 GLS

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Here's a few of things I have done so far.

Swapped the factory rims. 15" on the factory tires. Once these are shot I will upgrade the suspension. Tinted windows Factory Radio tossed, MP3 Player (AWIA), Speaker seperates installed, 2-12" Subs behind the rear seat, 2 Amps.

Honda Acura intake, cut to fit, Vacuum nipple welded back into place.
<img src="" border=0>

Taillights? Well... I want CLEAR... but SOB... Am I the only one that wants these? No manufactures have stepped up yet. So I taped the rear taillights & Removed Emblems.
(Here's a pic in the rain)
<img src="" border=0>

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I'd like to do a Turbo also, but don't want to kill my warrenty.

There are both Superchargers and Turbo available for these cars. They are both around $3500, The Blower gives about 190 HP and the Turbo about 220 HP. The kit includes a new head gasket to lower the Compression Ratio of the motor. But this would definately kill the factory warrenty.

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Well I didn't get the G-FORCE I wanted for X-mas... (I must not have been a good boy). So I don't have anyway to measure. I plan to uncork the exhaust, which is all I plan to do until the warrenty runs out. Removing the airbox added some power. It feels stronger.

The tape looks okay, I have done the tint spray and the problem with all paint cans is you can't get the same thickness. So it comes out spotty. Since these are taillights with the lights shinning through it will show up very bad.

I DO want white guages, who makes them for the 2001 Elantra?

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My 2 complaints:

(about the 2001 Hyundai)

#1 The motor, maybe it's the ECU programming or something else, but rev the motor and it revs like a truck motor. It's quick reving up but comes down slow. Maybe they did this for emissions. I don't like it. I want my motor to respond!

#2 The Damn Windows Defrost... I don't want the AC on when I put air to the front windows. I know this is a new car thing and they all are doing it, but if I knew a way to disable this I would!

#3 (okay I said I had 2 but there are really 3). The rear springs are way too soft.

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Thanks! I'm going to go there next!

Now if I can just get my clear taillights.

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