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My 2001 GLS

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Here's a few of things I have done so far.

Swapped the factory rims. 15" on the factory tires. Once these are shot I will upgrade the suspension. Tinted windows Factory Radio tossed, MP3 Player (AWIA), Speaker seperates installed, 2-12" Subs behind the rear seat, 2 Amps.

Honda Acura intake, cut to fit, Vacuum nipple welded back into place.
<img src="" border=0>

Taillights? Well... I want CLEAR... but SOB... Am I the only one that wants these? No manufactures have stepped up yet. So I taped the rear taillights & Removed Emblems.
(Here's a pic in the rain)
<img src="" border=0>

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I must say i like the look of the heat guard that covers the exposed filter.
I have a a 2001 Lantra (Aussie version) that is the previous shape to your car. For a short while i tried to refit the Elantras airbox into my car ( it will not work <img src=/images/forums/snitz/cry.gif width=16 height=16 border=0> ).
Have you done any 0-60mph runs in your car? I am interested in your times as the latest Elantra is meant to be heavier than mine with only several kilowatts more.
Safe cruising!

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