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My 4g6t Elantra Video (start up)

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Here is a video link of my car at its 1st start up

Dont mind the dance I do at the end lol (I got too happy)
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That's got a SIIICK lope man... is that a CF Decklid? Looks like good times. Now we need a vid of you running it. flyby's 1/4M, whatever... Just want to hear that thing in action!
Awesome sound to the car. Very mean.
if that's the same video you posted in your pictures topic, what happened there when there was that sort of bang and then it shut off?

but congrats on getting it running... i'm pretty sure I'd do the exact same dance in the same situation :D

once I get my engine in my excel, I'm driving to the west coast, and then I plan on driving straight through to the east coast... we'll have to meet up if i end up heading through ontario.
can i ask why the idle's bouncing up and down?
TAK82 said:
can i ask why the idle's bouncing up and down?
To resurrect this...he has just a bit of an exhaust leak on the manifold where the wastegate is NOT mounted :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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