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hi there nice forum that you have , I have a 2003 Accent GT and i want to do some mods to it , specially in handling and interior , i have been offered a pair of leather bucket seats from an Eclipse 2007 in mint almost new condition for 300 dolars , I have an accent GT 2003 that i want to modify , im planning to put some rear disc brakes from a Sentra b14 in it with some custom brackets and custom e-brake system cables(but thats another story) , Now does anybody knows the approximate weight of the OEM seats in the Accent gt with side airbags? the ones i might put weight about 20-25 lbs , they have electric adjustment and side airbags , i know i might have to do some amount of custom work to make them fit , now im just figuring if they actually fit in the space . another option could be to upholster the current seats in leather but is not worth it IMHO.
If i buy them ill keep you updated . also in the brakes im currently in the process of design for the brackets to hold the calipers and trying to figure the proper location for better weight distribution in the car i think i might put them in the rear I'm no sure if i can .

these are the seats

BTW i work in an aircraft repair station so i have plenty of folks and tools to help me with custom work jeje.

i also have an Elantra GT
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