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My drag video (Fixed link)

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I know it's not a Hyundai but enjoy. First race was against a freaking race car lol. Nissan 240, slicks, turbo and no interior. He ran a 11.980 with a .189 R/T My poor 4,000lb car didnt have a chance.:dead:
Second was against a modded Benz. He said it had a port and polished 3.5. Sucker pulled hard at the beginning but I started to catch him at the end. It was my first time at the strip. He ran 15.609

My R/T were .598 and 589. Total was 16.290 and 16.278. I know to launch on the last yellow but I was afraid I was going to false start. I don't feel to bad there were new gt mustangs running 15.7, Obviously the driver.

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Clicking the link doesn't work, and copying/pasting the address asks for a password.
What is that? An Alero?
Its a Aurora. Just got my exhaust work done. Wanted to go to the track and play.
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