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about a week ago me and my friend, which owns a Hunduh, were going to downtown FT. Worth , and if any of ya'll live in FT Worth you would know that to get to downtown you have to go up a bridge that is inclined. well gettin on with the story i stopped at one of the lights before the bridge and i checked my rearview mirror and i saw a old school crx coming pretty fast. the light turned green before the crx reached it so he was at the same speed i think it was around 45 or 50. so i see this and i decide to take off, i take off then i switch to 2nd and i nail the petal to the floor so just before the bridge i say about 100ft i start to catch up with the crx and i guess he saw me and i heard him gun it so now we both are racing up the bridge and were side-by-sid going about 55. in his lane there was a bus that he was going to come up on so i hear him again push his rice burner and by this time he's 1/2 a car lenght ahead and hes about to reach the bus so i push on the gas too still in 5th and he was i guess in 3rd or 4th cuz i could hear his engine streesin out alittle and i begin to gain on him and just before he reached the bus he brakes so he can switch lanes cuz i beat him to the bus but i stayed even with the bus to keep him behind the bus and me.

so all in all i beat a crx si (or at least thats what he had on his car even though u can't trust those Hunduh owners with their si, v-tech, type r wannabes)

-sharkattack 97 Tiburon
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