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Hello, new member from Croatia here, and here is my baby

It's a 2002 Getz, originally a 1.6 sport model, swap to 2.0 beta

15“ Dotz wheels, unknown model:confused:
Clarion DB178RMP HU with tweeters and speakers in the door panels, but the wiring for a full ICE has already been done...
Full 4-2-1 custom exaust, custom cat, adjustable cams
lowered, custom made suspension, custom brakes
All of the work has been done by HBT Team, like any other Hyundai in Croatia :)

the numbers say:

0-60 (0-100 kph) 7.1 seconds according to g-tech
155 hp i 202 Nm (149.00 ft.lbs. :confused:)

dyno day planned for next mont, so i should have the exact charts then...

plans for the future: nothing special, sort out some annying details, maybe reupholster the whole interior, don't like the stock plastic, maybe new seats, smoke out the headlights, and MAYBE, some day, a turbo upgrade, but we'll se about that

and that's it, keep it pretty much stock, and cruise in a true sleeper...

2 more pics, i have to do a decent photosession, until then, just 2 pics

Friend's 2.0T beta i my 1+1 beta...

any thoughts and opinions are more than welcome


EDIT: got just one more photo:

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