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My TenzoR came in, had it installed professionally in about 20 minutes!

At the same time the guy removed the resonator. This exhaust I first heard on a honda civic, it was loud and high pitched but also steady. On my car its deep, almost a growl! Sounds great :)

Anyone removed their cat converter? I am thinking of doing so when I get the 4-1 header from sharkracing. Just curious as to the sound and performance. Also if it is toooo loud and will attract cop attention.

My ultimate goal for the exhaust portion of my mods is 4-1 header straight to a 2 inch pipe running the length of the car and splitting into dual tenzor mufflers.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but removing the cat will increase horsepower, noise, and lessen the restriction of air flow right? It will make it loud but if I go with an additional tenzor muffler that should quiet it abit since the air flow to one muffler is much tighter than the flow to two. Less restriction(wider pipes and dual exhaust) equals higher horsepower, better mileage, and deeper sounds from the pipes right?

Last minute thought, will removing the cat in any way whatsoever harm the engine?

I will get some pics of it so far asap!

Thanks in advance!


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