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My Santa Fe so far this winter....

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So here is what I have done so far this winter (only the exterior, interior is not done yet)....

Blacked out Headlights
Blacked out Altezza taillights
LED's in Headlights and Foglights
Flowlighting undercar kit
LED bars on the bottom of each door
Sport Bumper Guard
Clear Side Markers
Clear Rear Foglights (also wired them up to work)
Also got a new speaker/sub system in for christmas, but need to get some custom boxes made up, pics will come when I get that in.

There is more coming for the interior, I'll post that up when it's done.

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Sexy :)
Originally posted by Claff
:eek:And that would be the first official negative comment. It's a daily driver show car. It's not riced out, just customized. And the lights are only on at shows. With all of the generic looking Santa Fe's out there, I wanted something that stands out from the rest. You may like "box stock", I don't. But thanks for the comment either way.

And seeing as you own one, try checking out the Santa Fe Forum to see what other owners have done, who knows you might like some of those.
good show spawn! As long as you dont use the underlights for anything BUT shows it is nice! (just hate neon, nothing personal). Love the plates... GO LEAFS! :)
is that brush guard part of the bumper or is that one heck of a quality fit?

Nice SM Sante fe man,it stand's out really, now get some beefier off road tire's and supercharge that delta.
Thanks guys... and no neon here, all ice baby! ;)


Nope, that is a seperate add-on piece from Hyundai Mobis in Korea, and your right about the fit, it's near perfect (small gap of less than 1mm at the top). As for the off-road tires, she's built off the sonata platform, so it would just look wierd when I know i can't do any off road with it. Those are actually the stock wheels I use for winter rims. I have a set of special order 17" Panther rims on during the summer. You can see them on the cardomain site. They go back on in about 2 weeks, depending on the weather. Once the salt is gone. No engine mods as yet, not gonna bugger with the warranty.

[Edited by Spawn 12336 on Mar 21, 2006 7:27 AM]
hey spawn,
very sweet looking santa fe. i've never been a big fan of those, but yours is very nice looking. i like the lights under it. and the altezza's look sweet!!! i just have one question....
why do they have altezza's for the santa fe and NOT the newer accents??????? sorry im jealous!!!

Originally posted by Spawn 12336
It's not riced out, just customized. And the lights are only on at shows. With all of the generic looking Santa Fe's out there, I wanted something that stands out from the rest. [/body]
Maybe not riced out, but it's not exactly "flowing". Looks like someone opened up the 3M sticky-tape accessory catalog and said "one of everything, please". No restraint! Big fender flares to accommodate those, um, stock wheels/tires? Big tough off-road-like bash bars and stuff for something that never goes off road? And I can't fathom a Santa Fe as a "show car" in the first place.

There's "different", and "standing out", and then there's the bad kind of "different" and "standing out". I'm just not feeling what you've done to your wagon.

PS been a member on the Santa Fe Forum since we got our wagon in late '03. Seen most of the modded rides there, they look just as cartoonish. The Santa Fe is pretty distinctive lines-wise, tough to improve on them though that doesn't stop people from tossing out good money trying.
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Right, I didn't attack you, but you felt the need. You offered your opinion, and I accepted that. I even thanked you for it. That being said, save it.

1. If I really opened up “the catalogue", I'd have all of the chrome mirrors, bumper garnishes, grill garnishes, and hood scoops.
2. Read a few posts up, the stock rims and tires are used for winter rims. As for the "big fender flares", they are the stock flares, less than 1 cm wide, stick out no farther than the bumper, and show more continuity in the lines from the bumper to the cladding on the doors, rather than the flat space above the wheel well.
3. Read the same post and I actually say that it would be ridiculous to make it look off-road when it was not designed for it. If I wanted the bush bar, I would have bought that POS Hyundai offers for spent the $300 for a Westin. But again, that would be ridiculous.

As for you not being able to "fathom" a Santa Fe as a show car, that's your own small-minded view. So far it has been well received at the meets, and on the various boards I'm on.

Suffice it to say, as stated in your other posts, you like things stock. My question would be why post up on a board or boards whose primary focus is modifying/customizing your vehicles? As I said, you are entitled to your opinion; you voiced it, moving on.
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I have to agree... its not bad, but... somethings not right either. I think the silver doesn't go well with the chrome stuff (IMO) it would look better if everything chrome = silver. Maybe paint the inside of those tails to match body color. Any pics of its non winter rims? Im not a big fan of large rims but that thing would look good on some 20s. I think silver rims (kinda like mine but larger) would make it flow really well... but ive never seen any rims that large in silver. Also blue neons and halos on a purple SUV? Why not match that to the upper body color as well. :ermm:
WytchDctr, Here's a shot of the summer rims, 17" Brushed aluminum Panther's with OEM Hyundai logo. They look beefier than the stock 16". Thinking about bigger rims as well, just limited to 20's and trying to find some that aren't too "bling".

She's also parked outside so I am leary of spending a bunch on rims. Gotta buy a house with a garage.

The colour is Moonlit Blue, shows up black on a cloudy day, but almost a really bright navy blue when the sun hits it. Tibbychick and 01importshark made a few comments about it at Hyundai Sunday last year. I was thinking about possibly getting the tails changed to the body colour, but then I have to do the heads as well, maybe later this summer if I don't like the black. The chrome is just there for accents to break up the blue and black plastic.:nervous:
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Originally posted by Spawn 12336
Right, I didn't attack you, but you felt the need. You offered your opinion, and I accepted that. I even thanked you for it. That being said, save it. [/body]
Funny how the guys who put up pics of his ride on a public forum get all bent out of shape when someone comments negatively on said ride. Not everybody is going to like what you did to that wagon.

PS I'm here to see what people are doing to their rides. I appreciate a well-done customized car. But in the case of the Santa Fe, nobody's done one yet.

PPS holy cow didn't even notice the first time the craptacular way those add-on flares don't line up with the bumpers!

[Edited by Claff on Mar 23, 2006 2:18 PM]
those shots were taken at sunset, so the camera was most likely picking up the red from that.
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